I Lost Both My Uncle and Grandfather to Cancer

I lost my uncle to cancer last year and i miss him soo much. he was such a character/party goer. And last month i lost my grandad to cancer. i miss him so much too. he was such an intelligent funny guy. it was horrible to see them both go through everything they went through and to deteriate like that. i love them both and miss them!!!!

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

I am so sorry to hear you lost two men that ment the world to you.The thing I found that is so disturbing.When people in our lives think you can put a time limet on when you should be over someone by now!Everyone heals the way that it happends.And for some of us,we need more time.Every one's love for that person is different.I'm think about your loss,asking God to stay by your side and confort you,as well as my prayers.