My Cousin

I lost my cousin Tom to cancer on December 24, 2004. He battled prostate cancer for about 4 years. He was slightly over 23.5 years old when he died. He underwent surgery upon surgery, chemo and radation for years. Near the end, the area that was operated on was not healing properly, so he had to make a two hour trip 3 times a week to spend time in a hyperbaric chamber to aid the healing of the surgery area. He never once faltered, he fought it bravely and tried to keep up his life while undergoing treatments. He still attened college until the final year of his life. In about September of '04, they found that the cancer had spread to his lungs and they couldn't do anything more for him except make him comfortable. The last time I saw him was Thanksgiving that year. He was so thin at that time. He had a hard time sitting up but dealt with the pain so he could sit at the dinner table with us to eat. Even though he couldn't stay seated that long, he was determined to do it. Shortly after dinner, my cousin wasn't feeling well. As stubborn as he was, he decided he was going to drive himself to the hospital. My aunt and uncle took him to the hospital and we left. Three weeks after that, he made another trip to the emergency room, they admitted him and he passed away while in the hospital. My aunt and uncle had a feeling that day was going to be "the" day, so my uncle had gone to get my grandmother so she could be there with him. My grandmother got to spend a few hours with him before he passed. As the time got closer, my aunt called her neighbhor who helped Tom out during the day and during his treatments. They became really close due to the fact that the neighbhor was a cancer survivor and she understood better than anybody in the family what he was going through. They called the neighbhor because they knew it wouldn't be too long yet. She was immediately out the door. My cousin had passed on before she got there. My aunt and uncle live about a 5 mintue drive from the hospital. He was smart and attending college to become an engineer. He would have done wonderfully in his life. He had such a good life ahead of him I would done anything to switch places with him. He would have made it a lot farther in life than I ever will. I love you and miss you Tom. Even all the shorty jokes you used to make at my expense.
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I am sorry for your loss. May the Creator give you peace. <br />
HUGS & LOVE, livingwell