Moving On

I woke up sad today
From the conversation of last night
They sold house and it’s time to move on
A nice family bought the home but,
But that house will never be a home again
I will never again feel the warm of your laugh
The aroma of you Italian cooking
Or the words of your wisdom
I will never look out the same windows onto your country road
I will never again sit at the same table for holiday meals
Every summer will now have a void
My house will never host such a wonderful guest again
My family will never make the same two hour drive for you
I will never again hear how proud you are of me
Or that I am growing into a fine young lady
I always thought you would be at my high school graduation
But reality has set in now
I hide the tears from my mother and father
Just to show strength
But on the inside I feel like I am in shambles
On the outside I am a stoic as a statue
I can’t stand to see my father like this
His adoptive mother has left
A sick feeling invades me when I hear his pitiful sigh
I know he and his sister were truly blessed to have you
And so was every other person that met you
I feel terrible you died of a broken heart

But I hope wherever you are is a better place
Another woman like you will never again grace the physical world
But it is time to move on
Release my guilt and relive the memories
I can not hold on to death but embrace your life

americanidiot87 americanidiot87
18-21, F
May 24, 2012