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I Have.

Both my grandparents...

My grandmother was like a second mom to me. With more spoiling ~L~ She always said: It's mom's job to say 'no' and grandma's job to say 'yes'."

She taught me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I regret not remembering enough of it :(
She was a strong woman with a good heart.  I think I turned out much like her (I hope so).

and my grandfather was the only father I ever knew.  He'd make me laugh when I was sad.  He just knew how to make us feel better on bad days.
He always had a funny story to tell on good days and fostered our imagination just as much as grandma (Mamy (said Mah-mee)) did. He was a great civil engeneer who didn't do half-measures.

I miss them both still so much though they've been gone over a decade now...

When they died, the family just fell apart... like there was no more reason for them to get together or if doing so was to remember that we'll all die someday... we don't seem to ever laugh as much anymore... but maybe that's just the way it goes...

ElvenLady ElvenLady 36-40, F Mar 20, 2011

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