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Well, I'm not too bothered about privacy, for a start !  I don't understand the internet very well, and can't make head or tail of how this group works.  Anyway, I'm a 55 year old married man who has fallen out of love with life in a big way.  Live in London U.K.  I really have utterly lost the will to live.  I've suffered from depression for a number of years, and nothing seems to help with it.  Oh dear.  I have a lovely Brazilian wife, Ana, the one good thing in my life.  I don't just want to complain.  Is there anyone out there ?

Do by all means Message me.  I find that easiest way to keep in touch ?

Cheers, Tony

TonyCantlay TonyCantlay
56-60, M
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Cheers, Permafrost -<br />
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Am emailing back.<br />
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All the best to you. Tony

I emailed you. Check your messages. Keep your head up, you're a good person.

Nice comment dragonfly, thanks.I find this site so complicated. How do you get to keep in touch with the nice folk who write replies ? Not sure what is a Group, Story, Comment, Message, or which is best. I shall Message dragonfly forthwith !T.C.

With all I feel I am thankful for a great husband that I love with all my heart, I couldnt make it through each day without him and my faith in God. Thats all I have that makes me go on. I really wish we all could find our reason and hold on to it.<br />
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take care and keep writing

Cheers.<br />
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