I Lost Almost 4 Stones In Less Than Two Years

After giving birth to my second child i was extreemly overweight. I'm ashamed to of how bad I had let my weight spiral out of control.
I was breathless, always tired, grumpy, and my joints ached terribly.... i would have to sit down if i walked upstairs. My thighs chaffed
together because they were so big. I hated how I looked and did not feel attractive at all. I was always very slim when first married. But a bad diet and bouts of depression just made my weight increase over the years.
Enough was enough and 6 months after my daughter was born I realised I desperately needed to do something.....I have two small children and wanted to be able to play and run around with them.
I joined a local slimming class. I was very nervous at first but everyone there was so welcoming it was fine. I listened to the people who were there and they had all been losing weight, one guy had lost 6 stones he had some before pictures and the transformation was great!
I weighed in that night at 17stones 1/2 lb I was so ashamed..........
Anyway the eatingplan i was to follow seemed very straight forward and you could eat quite well on it!
Inmy first week i lost 7lb i couldn't believe it, the second week 5lb the third 4lb this was great. the group was so supportive and they really encouraged me before i knew it i had lost a stone then another stone then another stone. In total i had managed to to lose about 3 and half stone. I felt great and i looked so much better i had loads more energy too.
The group nominated me for so many awards i was so grateful to them....slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month, slimming woman of the year and the one that made me really blush Miss Slinky!!
My weight has not changed since then very much but i have allowed it to creep back on a bit. I know why and know that i'm able to lose it again.
Exercise is also very important I'm a keen walker and try to walk as much as i can i also invested in a wii fit as i'm not thetype of person to go to a gym.

Most important to me is that i can happily and confidently go to the play park with my children and go down the slide and not worry about getting my bum wedged in it!

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That's great we'll done how r u now?

Thanks for your reply, <br />
Pleased you feel motivated......it is something i'm now very passionate about and want to help and support anyone who is overweight and feeling like the way i did.<br />
Are you trying to lose weight or have you lost weight?<br />
<br />
Speak again soon <br />

nice story... it is so motivating.. thanks!