I Was Fat! Like A Buffalo!

Actually Buffalo's aren't really fat they're more muscular.......
Science is effin dope yeah?

anyways. Just like most of you reading and typing, I was what you would call a "Fat Lord". All bow before me right?
heh.... no.
turns out I was teased throughtout my life and it seemed hellish but I managed to stay fresh about it.
Changing point in my life... well, im not sure if you guys have ever smoked marijuana, but it gets you in tune with your body. and it makes you overthink a lot of things (amazingly, like you havent heard that before right?)
well, I did it and one day I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like crap, I walked outside with friends and felt myself as the fat guy in the group, I saw peoples eyes in cars as they looked at my huge 300 pound body, I saw girls see me in disgust, I felt myself walk and jiggle through the streets, every step made my whole body shake, from fat toe, to fat head.
Sickening feeling.
wel... the rest you could say is history..

but now, all I want to have is a six pack... ive been Struggling with that goal for about 3 years now, and 2011, before the world ends, I WILL acheive it.
scope it at www.43things.com
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2011

i want to lose some weight too

that is awesome! I need to do the same tone up and maintain the losses I've achieved! Thanks for posting. totally with ya on the marijuana part lol :) I also have a story posted @ www.43things.com trying to get that very needed tummy tuck!...

Yay. Go for it! Like you told me - it's hard work, but it feels great. Awesome goal.