I Used To Be 300+ Lbs

Last Jan 2010 I started the HCG diet I was hoping it would be the answers to my prayers, as I had always wanted to be thin. Overweight most of my life at least since about age 8 due to the high amount of mental abuse I sustained as a child the weight just kept piling on...I was out of control just like with other substances I have previously also been a Meth addict from the time I was 15-20..I conquered that and after 6 years of being clean thought I should now conquer my weight problem.. after having two beautiful daughters I had reached a high of 320 lbs during my pregnancies, and developed gestational diabetes with both..my first baby weighed in at 11 lbs..because of the weight i had gained...I have now lost almost 120 lbs in ONE year! I am so Thankful to have found something that has worked for me. I feel more like myself than i EVER have before in my life. I am more outgoing and want to have more fun than I ever used to..But with my weight loss are new problems, My Husband is very happy and supportive of what i have done but doesnt understand my need for excitement and adventure. My Mom told me when I started my weight loss journey to be careful as any big change in one persons life really can effect they relationship..so i struggle with this everyday trying to still figure out and find myself while still running every aspect of everyone else's life in my family except for my own..maybe i should of stayed fat? i didnt know any better then and was content to just take care of my family. I love them dearly and could never live without them...just need to know myself..
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My wife is planning on going through gastric bypass surgery to help her loss weight. Like you she has suffered from mental abuse while growing up. I'm not familiar with the Hcg diet. What is it?

I understand exactly what you are saying. I too lost a lot of weight in a year, going from 310 to 209. I have the extra energy and more confidence in myself. I felt as though I had lost myself, but then realized I was thinking about my own desires more. I wanted more. All I can suggest is talking with your hubby and compromise. You can not do anything you want without it hurting him and he can not deny you everything or it can drive you away. I have always been honest with my hubby and we are just now seeking to bring more pleasureable experiences into our life. This was my desire and it has taken us being married 12 years and me loosing weight 3 years ago for this to happen. be patient and just make wise decisions. Cangrats on loosing weight. You look great!!

Congrats on all that you have already accomplished!

Your weight loss is tremendous and you should hold your head high for such an accomplishment. My wife and I started the South Beach Diet in Mar of 2010. She wanted to lose weight after having babies and I did not want to die of a heart attack like my Dad did at 58 years old--youngest of 8 siblings, first to die. My wife went from 175 to 135 and she never goes above 140. She no longer needs blood pressure meds. Although my total weight was never an issue, I no longer have a "beer belly', and I no longer need heart burn meds daily. We both look and feel years younger than we are. My continuing dietary goal is to pass on great healthy eating habits to my son and 3 beautiful daughters. All the best to your family as well!

Don't listen to your Mom. If your husband loved you fat he'll love you thin also. He loves you, so therefore he'd want you to be happy, not to mention it is healthier to not be overweight. I don't think you losing weight will cause any problems in your relationship. You both could even exercise together. Actually, ba<x>sed on what you said about craving adventure and excitement but loving your family, what if you took a family trip somewhere nearby(so it's not expensive) and rented...well it's called jetskis or waverunners, but they're like motorcycles that run on water, and they're really fun. They teach you how. Or you could go snowboarding. or, you could go to a indoor rock climbing place. Or you could go white water rafting. All of these activities I mentioned not only count as exercise but are very fun and exciting! And could be done with a whole family too.

Enjoy the new person you are. I have a similar hubby, protective, jealous... I just try to incorporate him into what I can, take a bit for me and talk with like minded people for the rest. At least that keeps me sane for now. And congratulations, I know first hand the effort this took.

Thanks all :) I appreciate every comment XOXO

God hearing you talk about it is impressive<br />
Im very impressed with you<br />
Youre a very driven woman<br />
Keep it up Beautiful

I have changed so much since loosing 120 lbs..in just one year also...I havent changed the ba<x>se of who I am is still the same..always been confident but am so much more now..when I was fat a good amount of time was spent constantly thinking about what others were thinking of me..if i went out to eat..i thought everyone was looking at me like.."she doesnt need to eat more"..just stupid thoughts that consumed me everyday..I am so free now..I never think like that anymore..such a weight has been lifted lol :)<br />
Thanks for all the comments :)

Thank you, I totally agree..I am just now realizing who I am..so much I want to do..but hubby doesnt really like me to do things without him..always afraid someone is gunna "overpower" me or something..which is ridiculous cause I ain't no waif...but is she happy with you doing fun things without her? I am having a hard time making him understand...its still hard for me to understand some days..I dont look like myself anymore..I dont want to do the same things anymore.. i dont want to be the same person i was..I am different..

thanks for the comments :) However My Husband is already thin...just kinda a stick in the mud...I am very outgoing...want to experience everything and meet new people..just enjoy my life occasionally..I know I am a wife and mother..but why can't we still have fun and new experiences? He is Happy to stay home everyday..

YOU LOOK HOT!!!! im moving to UTAH!!

It is quite an odd experience to go from being overweight for most of what you can remember to being thin..AWESOME..but odd hard to recognize the new you...I will make it through.

i really hope you wouldn't give up on your self too.....i lost alot and i mean alot of weight in one year too....and since i have been fat all my life ...now at 23 i have lost my self ...i don't know who i am any more ....

I would say, don't give up on your self improvement but perhaps its not wise to expect drastic change in your families behavior. Give your husband a little time to understand the new you.