I got on the scale this afternoon, and I'm finally the same weight that I was when I first found out I was pregnant with baby #3.  I was at my fittest since getting married at that point.  I don't feel I'm quite as fit now as I was then, but I'm well on my way.  The elliptical is such a breeze at this point, and more than ever my yoga time is beyond precious.  Even though I feel like my legs aren't in as good of shape as they were 5 years ago, I feel like my stomach is actually well on it's way to being stronger than it ever has.  This is absolutely due to yoga.  And I have noticed a "lengthening" of the musculature of my arms.  So very satisfying.  I wonder how much longer the steady weight loss will progress before I plateau.....I was always heavier than what the charts say I should be for my height, but my body fat was within the lower percentile when I was younger, so the doctors chalked it up to bone density.  I just wonder what the proper weight for me really is.  Does anyone know how to determine this?  I'd like to have a goal to shoot for.
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I've done a little bit of pilates, but I prefer yoga. Pilates doesn't put my spine back into place the way yoga has. I might prefer a class though....than trying to do it on my own with a dvd

I can just barely wrap my thumb and middle finger. They touch lightly at the tips. lol My thumb and pinky is a complete joke. lol <br />
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Mello, I have seen your pictures. You are an angel and don't need to get rid of anything. :)

No, I an just paying for my laziness.<br />
MJ have you ever done pilates?

Mello, look at the standards for the Military, and do like they say and measure your wrist. They give weight max's for the size of your wrist. Mine is 6 1/2 inches around and so according to their chart, at 5'5" I can weigh up to 165 pounds as long as my body fat percentage is no higher than 35%. lol

At the weight calculator states that a 5'5" person should weight 125. But all of these are just guidelines. There are so many other factors. And what is the most important is how you feel about yourself. Congratulations for being so disciplined. I am sore today after not having been to the gym for a month.

The last figure that I saw and that really irked me, lol was that you should weigh 100 lbs. at 5 feet tall, and then add on 5 lbs for each additional inch. At 5'5", this means my ideal weight should be 125 pounds. I managed to hit this ideal weight once in my life. I spent at least an hour in the gym every day, I was 20 years old and I was on an extremely low fat/no fat diet. I wore a size 0/2 at this weight. Maintaining it was a nightmare. I think I looked pretty good around the time I met my husband...I was in a size 4/5/6 depending on the brand, and I weighed probably around 140 to 145 pounds.