What An Unhappy Marriage Can Do To You

An unhappy, uninspiring, unmotivating marriage made me lose myself.  I didn't care about anything.  I gave up all that I enjoyed for a couch and tv every night.  I was so unhappy for more than 3 years, and I allowed myself to become something I wasn't.  I was a dancer, an athlete, and I became nothing.

This year I've taken control of my mind, my heart and my body.  I am healing wounds of the past, managing the sadness of the present, and taking care of my body once again.  I am back playing my sports after a long hiatus, I am running again (well not for a few months after a nasty injury), and I am taking care of what I eat again.  I am slowly becoming me again, and that makes me happy. 

I cannot wait until this injury heals and I can get back to doing what I love to do again.  I want to run, I want to play soccer, I want to be active and healthy.  I have so many goals for myself, and I won't let life pass me by again.  I won't let myself get into a place where I am so unhappy in a relationship again.  I deserve more than that, and I will get it right this time!  I will never allow myself to waste away like I did.  I'm going to be healthy and happy!
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I am in a similar situation. Thanks for sharing cause I know I can get back in track too.

A relationship that is supposed to be nurturing and supportive can be so damaging as well.<br />
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I'm glad you've managed to find your way out of it. Good luck.

Thanks jmo, things are better, although there is more path yet to travel. I will get there!

Thank you both, yes I am taking back control of my life in so many ways!

Thank you both! ryliegirl, you are right, taking back my life breathes life back into me again, there's purpose, and I am becoming me.

It breathes life back into you when you decide to take back what you enjoyed to do. The energy and new beginnings are a good way to start. Keep the smiles going, and love life! ;)

Thanks =)

I am glad that you have been able to find yourself after such a long time being bed ridden. Although our situations are different, it is exciting to be back to being who we are again!