Getting Healthy And Happy

I've had a weight problem most of my life..starting after I quit smoking @20, then more after having my 2 sons.  Then more after thirty then more after 40,and so on...:) In between I did lose weight, diets did work, however, nothing ever stopped the incessant hunger I always had. And I fell back into my old eating habit.  Then I gave up...tired of any thought of diet and guilt and trying and feeling miserable about myself, unless I was eating something I liked.  A few years ago I decided I was going to eat organic foods only..I always wanted to, but thought it was just too expensive, and eating natural/healthy more or less was the only thing I could do. Anyway, I did go totally organic.  Interesting, I am not certain how long it took the first time, because I wasn't paying attention then, but, I stopped being hungry and craving.  I actually could look at an organic chocolate cake and not want the whole thing to myself.  So, I just remember I lost 15 lbs. actually looking like I lost 25.  Then I moved..and fell back into eating regular foods at the only market near us in the country. They did have organic items, but I just fell back into eating regular. decided..I'm going to eat organic again.  This time I paid attention, to see if what happened was in my mind or not.  At first it seemed it was..I noticed no difference..but, this time..after 2 weeks or happened again..I stopped being hungry and craving food all day. I ate every thing I liked..made everything I liked..only with organic ingredients. So, now, I am losing weight Again.  I spoke one time of this to the rancher's daughter who I was renting from.  She said..well, you know hormones and antibiotics are given to chickens and cows to increase their hunger, and cause them to gain weight faster! I looked at her..and said..really? wow..hmmm. So, basically that's it. I am losing weight, eating what I love, and getting healthy! without any special diet, just eating healthy and organic.  
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56-60, F
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That makes no sense at all.