A Follow-up

In my previous post, Losing Weight Naturally, I mentioned that I had lost 30 lbs. by changing my diet and excercise habits. I am happy to provide an update. At the beginning of my weight loss journey, I was a size 16. As of last week, I am down to a size 6. I have never felt better - I encourage others to keep at it!


I guess this qualifies as a follow-up to a follow-up...
My doctor said yesterday that over the past two years, I've lost 56 lbs.
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Yay Peaches! I'm so thrilled for you! I love seeing myself in so many of the comments here, as well. I've lost 50+lbs since the start of my journey, with a ways more to go. But having started at a size 26, I was pretty thrilled to slip easily into a size 16 this past weekend. Honestly? I have to admit to a bit of mirror-preening *grin* -- but I'm gonna hang in there to size 10! Whoo-hoooo!!!

Amazing work! I lost 88 pounds, and I KNOW how much hard work and dedication that takes, YOU ROCK!!! :)

SO DO YOU! Thanks :-)

Good for you, feels good!<br />
Keeping it off is harder than getting rid of it though!<br />
glad for you!

Not so far...I didn't go on a diet...I feel that's making it easier to maintain my weight.

After losing 40 lb, I was told by the EX that it really was only 10lb and I really didn't look any different. I realized that anything I did for myself was a drain away from her. I ended up loosing 70lb and her as my boat anchor in life.

Excellent! I found that to lose weight effectively and for the long term, I had to do it for myself, not to please someone else like my soon-to-be-ex.

Yepper, I never really lost it for her, even thought it was a big grip for her. At times it was like the pot calling the kettle black thought. She was a size 16-20, but I was the one that was fat and needed to lose weight. She had three kids so she could be any weight she wanted to be. The double standard makes me laugh now.

I dislike the fact that women have double-standards that they can take advantage of, when convenient. Like the one you mentioned above, or that it's ok to make fun of their husbands in public but he were to do the same to her, not so much.
I'm sure men have some too, but they escape me at the moment...

Congrats! I too am on a journey to lose weight and be a healthier me. I have a lot longer to go...but I am encouraged more when read stories like this. I am not expecting or even shooting for a size 6...I don't have a particular size in mind really...I just know I don't want it to be the size I am. But I am so happy to see you've been so successful. :)

I wasn't shooting for a particular weight or size, either. Happily, it just happened that way.

Well...I'm glad it did happen that way for ya. Maybe I'll land on that size too...one of these days.:)