Boresha Coffee Changed My Life!

I wanted to share my story with anybody who wants to hear it! I was once an overweight teenager who hated looking at myself in the mirror. I was a great wrestler but I couldn't control my eating habits after I faced a family tragedy. I won a state title in high school but after that I had some severe family issues and food was the way I dealt with the distress. I gained 50 lbs and almost lost my scholarship that I worked my whole life for. My coach saw what I looked like when I came into season and told me my scholarship was cut in half and if I didn't make the weight they recruited me for I would lose it all together. I hit the gym, started Atkins, and weight watchers, and nothing seemed to work. I stayed awake and cried every single night, and got to the point where I would just lose it in public. I was at the point where I tried to overdose on pills but luckily I was saved. One day after the gym I was outside waiting for my ride and I had tears running down my face because I thought my dream of wrestling in college was over. At that point I had a woman I owe my life to approach me. She asked why I was crying and if she could help. I told her that it was nothing and she prodded me until I told her about the scholarship and how my dream was slipping away from me. She then told me about her story and she could relate to what I was going through. Her name is Erin and she was once 80 lbs heavier than when I saw her and she too tried to commit suicide because of her weight. She hated looking at herself in the mirror. That is when her dad told her about the Boresha product line. It was developed by She gave me some free samples of this product that was developed by Dr Ann De Wees Allen. The name of the company who ultimately saved my wrestling career is called Boresha Coffee company. They have a website where you can check out products it is called I would also urge you to look up Erin's testimonial on youtube it is She is an amazing woman and if you are interested in losing weight or know somebody who is struggling I can get you in contact with her and she can help you get started!

I got my mother on board with the product two weeks ago and she has already lost 20 lbs and 4 inches off her waist! I feel so strongly about this product because it helped me live out my dream. I am now 55 lbs lighter and living my dream. If it wasn't for a knee injury this year I would have placed top 8 in the country.

Something I have tattooed on my arm that my grandma would tell me before she passed away is to "Believe" When you believe in yourself and the cause you are fighting for anything is possible and I am now a firm believer!

I will fight until the day I die for this product and I feel like God put Erin in my life to save me and now it is my job to save others!

If anybody wants to begin losing weight and burning fat please don't hesitate to email me on here or at

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1 Response May 10, 2012

Oh I am so happy for you and yes I should try it out! thanks for sharing your story! :)