I Lost Six Six Stone In A Year

I've been off this site for two years now and when I left the site, I was 15 stone and a size 22. This was thanks to a combination of anti-psychotic medication and the birth control injection and I was completely and totally depressed about it. I was never able to feel comfortable with myself as some people are and it was completely destroying my self confidence and sex life.

I wish I could give you all some tale about how I worked my arse off to lose the weight, dieted and exercised but I don't. Instead, I got over my mental condition and they took me off the tablets and I changed my birth control. Just like that, the weight fell off in piles! I went from a size 22 back to my original size 14 in 9 months!

Obviously there are quite a few stretch marks and a bit of excess skin, but I'm trying to tone up as much as possible. Finally I'm starting to get my self confidence back and I'm going to try and quit smoking as well.

So feeling pretty positive about myself at the moment. :)
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 16, 2012