I Felt Better Before.

I've always considered myself a curvy girl.
I graduated at 150lbs, and later put on my Freshman15. At my heaviest, 168lbs, I had major sex appeal. My weight was proportionate, my waist defined, and I loved my curves. I was so proud of my ultra-feminine body.
This spring I made a lifestyle change - I took control of my drinking, reduced my refined-food intake, and upped my veggies and fruits. 8 months later, I now weigh in around 135lbs.

I used to always feel good about myself. I accepted that my belly button disappeared when I sat down. I never imagined I'd have a flat stomach.
Now I'm calculating my BMI monthly, and taking my measurements bi-monthly. I stand in front of a full-length mirror and stare at my body 10 times a day. I feel good... but more than anything else, I feel disappointingly average.

How do I get my "oomph!" back??
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Eat healthy like you do now, but don't do too much cardio, instead do strength training. Aim to have toned curves (that's hot). <br />
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eat slightly above your bmr (around 250 calories more) if you want to gain 1/2 lb a week. Or eat at your bmr rate if you want to maintain & Remember to eat back any exercise calories if you want to maintain or else you'll lose more weight :P <br />
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Good luck sweety <br />

Wow...I'll trade ya! lol I'm guessing you wanna keep eating healthfully?Just eat lots of good fats, like avacados, meats, fish, and nuts. Peanut butter, pistachios, cashews all pack on the weight faster than you'd expect.

haha, my days revolve around eating! I eat every 2-4 hours, and my dinner portions are huge (sometimes like, a 1/2lb chunk of meat). I eat lots of nuts and nut butters, and try to eat enough meat ($$$)