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OMG after three years. I have hit my original goal weight today. I don't think anyone can understand the feeling. If you been obese your whole life . You can understand this. 200 hundred pounds was my original goal in May 2009. Here I am three years later at 200 pounds on 12/12 /12. This has been a very weird day but good too. I can thank only God for this miracle now. My will to be thin and healthy is set. You can do it. Bless you
butterflylady21 butterflylady21 51-55, F 7 Responses Dec 12, 2012

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How did you lose the weight? Any tips. I am having a really hard time losing any weight.



Girl that is the best Christmas present you could ever give yourself, wow so proud of you!!!

Thank you.I'm actually at 196 as of yesterday. It coming off really good.

January 2011: 312 pounds. Today 222 pounds. Oh how I can taste 200 coming up. It's such a great number. I am so happy for your achievement. Keep it up.

Thank you good luck to you.

yippie..let me celebrate with you......can't wait to see all of you :)

Kisses and hugs Love ya Julie

just remember thro :) lol i'am willin to bet that u got a nice round plump butt & thats one thing that us guys really do like :) & what ever u do ?? don;t lose it :) lol >>>likes bbw with round butts & sexy painted toes :P

Can't wait to see the picture.

Congratulations on achieving your goal!! I'm so proud of you, Julie. Keep up the great work.

Thank you. I will post a full length picture soon.

Am really looking forward to that! (Wishing for many different full length poses!).