I Was 5'1 And Weighed 231 Pounds.

That was at my biggest in the beginning of high school. I was always a little bigger than everyone else at school but it never bothered me until I moved to a different area with new people in a new middle school. I felt really awkward. No one made fun of me, not to me anyways. But I was always really hard on myself. I had this horrid habit of buying a ton of junk food at the store down the street from my house. So it canceled out the walking I did everyday from school. I would lose a ton of weight during school but gain it all back and more once summer came around. I ballooned to almost 250 lbs. My doctor was worried about me, she gave me so many healthy tips that I did for a week or two and gave up. I wanted to lose the weight, just didn't. For some reason when I was fifteen I got really serious about losing weight. Honestly, it wasn't hard. I barely ate because I was hardly home. Once school ended, I really tested myself. During the summer, I walked everyday, I quit the junk food. I ate more fruits and veggies, I always loved them anyways. I don't know to this day how much weight I lost, because the day I saw how huge I was was the last day I ever stepped on a scale. When school started back, everyone was blown away. "you look amazing, you lost an entire person!" I was proud of myself, I lost a ton of weight, without the crazy diets, just pure hard work. Some people didn't even recognize me. PE really helped me with my weight loss it helped me figure out what exercise I like doing. I love running. :) Losing weight isn't as hard as the world makes it, you don't need to go on crazy diets, eat weird food, exercise all day. You don't need to have your food mailed to you. It's all about moderation, eating better, and doing exercises that work for you. I have gained more confidence, and I can do antything. (by the way, I think I lost a good hundred pounds or so, that's just my guess.)
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Wow! Inspiring! (: I'm glad you were able to get your confidence back~