Its A Must!!!

Many people around me, said that i should get thinner... That I should lose weight.. My mom, my father, granny, and my families also their friends.. THEIR friends, not  MINE... Its funny actually.. This is my life.. I can choose who I wanna be and how I want to look like... But they keep intruding my  choice...

But I do realize why they want me to lose weight... I have a small face.. But big body, I guess they just seeing that strange..  Its not like I am real fat like wight 160 pound for a 19 years old girl, but I do have obesity.. And I know how bad it is for my health.. Those cholesterol, and all the diseases that caused by obesity.. I realize that I have to lose weight..  And now i am on my way to it...

So far, i have lose 6 pound after 1 month diet... Just having oatmeal for breakfast and skip my dinner.. And its success so far... I need to continue my diet until I can gain my target... I hope I can do this.... Because it is a must! For my own sake....
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I am sure you look fine.

only get thin if that is what you want. Do not bend yourself like that for others. Be happy. And find people that love you for being happy.

well, i also want to be happy of course, that is one of the way