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I have lost 100 pounds from my highest recorded weight of 327. I thought I would feel proud of that number and want to shout it out to the world. Instead, when I finally realized I had officially lost 100 pounds, I didn't say a word to anyone. Well, I am proud of myself - I just didn't feel compelled to share the news with the world. Of course, I'm still overweight so that may be part of it. Doctors would say I should lose another 90-100 pounds. Actually, I can barely imagine what it would be like to weigh less than 200 pounds. It seems crazy to me that I'm 25 pounds away from that. While I'm not actively trying to lose weight right now, I am consciously avoiding gaining any weight. It's a small change in wording, but it's making a huge change in my daily life. I really should celebrate my 100 pound victory more because it's something a lot of people will never face or understand.
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1 Response Feb 16, 2013

I for one congratulate you. That is an incredible feat. You should be very pleased with yourself and proud. Keep it up and good luck.