Sedentary to Trim

I've been overweight most of my life, but when I was 16 (and pushing 200 at 5'4'')  I went from a sedentary lifestyle to boarding school; with all the fast food, chaotic sleep habits and no exercise attitude done away with, I lost 50 pounds within the first two months. It was the strangest thing to almost literally watch the weight melt off...I remember seeing the contours of my knees and elbows for the first time, and the slow sculpting of my calves and wrists. When I hit 120 I started running (I couldn't before because I had developed tendinitis in my knees), and instantly became addicted. I melted off another 5 pounds and people looked up to me as "the fittest girl in school". Now I fluctuate in the 120 range (I'm 5'5'' or so), but I'm still in awe of how different I looked when I was younger...I show people pictures and they can't believe it's me. People treat me differently now; I don't get stares or dirty looks even in public places, guys take interest in me, people don't mind being seen with me, etc etc. I'm grateful that I was able to finally lose all the weight and that I've been able to keep it off since.
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That's exactly what happened to me of course I got fixed up too in short english I had a makeover before they were the "in thing' and it opened up all sorts of doors for me too. Good for you kid!!! :-D

Congratulations! My story is very similar. I graduated from high school at 207lbs (my first WW weight) and now I wear 115lbs. I've noticed the changes too in the way people treat me and react to my presence. Do you ever struggle seeing yourself as your thin self? Sometimes I struggle not to think I'm still the fat one.

p.s. this is a great inspiration story.

when you lost the 50 lbs, you weren't exercising?<br />
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but you were dieting?

Here's a question you guys. I've lost about 20 pounds in the last month due to a change in thyroid medication. I am curious about loose skin. I have had four pregnancies as well, but I guess I'm probably just being paranoid when I wonder if the loose skin on my belly will eventually tighten. I've got about 20-30 pounds more to lose and I will be back to around where I was when I met my husband.