Now I'm Mortified That I Might Find It Again!

So I've been a lazy dog not working out much & eating like a little pregant piggy with a tapeword & BAM... there it is... that dreaded 4-5 lb. gain (I lost 53).  NOOOOO WAAAAAAAAY am I gonna let it get the best of me again.  I'm outta here for now, offa this danged computer & I am gonna work out like crazy!  I will NOT slip into crappy habits again.  It is so so so much better to cry in the fitting room because you are overjoyed trying on a MUCH smaller size you thought you'd never see again... than it is to cry cuz nothing fits & what does still looks like crap cuz you're such a butter-booty, muffin-topped blob.  NEVER AGAIN!!!  EVAH!!! 

2Quirky 2Quirky
51-55, F
Feb 23, 2009