I Lost Some More Weight

hi all babyblueeyes34 here,im so happy today as i weighed myself thismorning and have lost abit more weight,i was 96.4 kg last week on friday morning,today im at 93.1kg,im doing it slowly as my doc sais thats the best way to do it as its more likely to stay off so heres hoping it does,i know ive still got along way to go,i put on loads of weight afew years ago when i went on the pill injection and with pregnancies , ive found it hard ,i know im lucky because i have a very supporting family yet somedays i really struggle !ive always been a big person,even when growing up as a young girl  we had to clear our plates from whatever was put on them guess my parents didnt really think about what it would be like for me later on in life,but i am trying really hard ,i do alot of walking to and from work  which is a 2.7 mile walk,sometimes depending on the weather and how much stuff i need to take in with me depending on what activity im am doing i will cycle to work and back,ive now cut out all salt in foods,i use fresh herbs from my garden, i dont take sugar in any drinks or on my breakfast,im drinking alot more water which the docs told me to and instead of going to the nearest loo i will go to the one furthest away,my docs gave me a pedometer to see how many steps per day im doing,i tend to forget ive got it on,they say i should aim to do 10,000 steps per day,when im at work the least amount of steps ive taken has been 16,468, and the most ive taken has been 23,862 not bad eh? i write down  in a diary book the date  time i get up which is usually about 06.00 am, i also write down what ive eaten through the day and what ive drank ,so if any one has any other ideas id love to hear from you i wish everyone a great day best wishes from babyblueeyes34

babyblueeyes34 babyblueeyes34
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2009