I've Lost Over 50 Pounds.

I'm a petite women so when I gain over 70 pounds I was consider obese. I was pregnant and lost weight during my pregnancy because I was scared to eat. After I delivered my son who was born underweight and premature, I headed straight to the fridge. I couldn't stop eating. I gained the weight in about a two year time period. When I starting dating again I had to lose weight. I would walk for hours. I lost about 20 pounds doing this. I didn't change my diet I was still eating junk food. Then I started weight watchers. I didn't lose the weight instantly I had to work out every dam day. Stop snacking and cut all sodas. I begin to lift weights. This shaped my body and I truly love it. Eventually I lost over 50 pounds and haven't gain any of the weight back. I personally think if I didn't begin weight training it would have took twice as long to lose the weight. This was over 10 tens ago. I've since stopped my exercise routine and don't feel as healthy.


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OMG GIRL WHY DID U DIET WHEN U WERE WITH CHILD.... TO DO THAT TO UR UN BORN CHILD IS HORRBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAS AS DRINKING

Yes, higher rep weight training is a great way to loose weight and get fit. Get back to what makes you feel healthy.