The doctor said it was a just a weak bladder but at night i wet almost every night and wake up soaked. During the day it is rarer but still occasionly happens and im soooo embarreseed. I cant get over these things and feel like im 2 again. It makes my cry lots. i may be 13 but i loss it easily when it comes to sad and depressing things. How can i keep my hopes up ? how do i keep felling happy? My life is messed. Smeone give me suggestions about this? Someone please help keep me together. Ive already lost living with my parents and still wet myself accidently . . . . .
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Hi Joey,
If I met you I would give you a big hug and tell you you are a strong boy and you will be okay. Now that you have a new family maybe they can find you a new Dr. that can help. I know in England I saw on youtube there was a young woman who wet during the day also.
Now this is going to sound scary but what they did was they gave her special sleeping medicine and then put a tube in where she pees (in your case the tube would go into your penis) and they injected botox into the bladder. She had very good results and remember you would be asleep when this is done so nothing would hurt. I think it works well for about 6 months. I don't know where you are from but I heard they are also doing this in the USA.
Have you ever seen a pediatric urologist? this is the kind of doctor who would know the latest treatments for wetting. I'm glad you finally have a family that loves you no matter what. Don't give up with family by your side you can get through anything.

Best regards,

You seem such a lovely lad and I'm sure the bedwetting won't stop you finding the perfect family soon. Let's face it, if your bedwetting puts off a family then they really aren't the right people to be parents. You've had a lot of upheavel in your short life so far and that together with you hitting puberty has manifested itself in your problem. It feels unbearable at the moment but it will hopefully just be for a short time more. Stick in there Joey

When I was a child I used to pee the bed and my pants a lot. My "father" would spank me every time that I did it. My mother finally took me to a doctor and after some tests he said that I had an immature bladder. When I was 8 I had a bladder that was the size of a 3 year old's bladder. They gave me some medication to make it grow. The fact that my "father" continued to spank me made it so much worse, and I already felt extremely humiliated when it happened. In short, I can feel your pain. You said that you were taken to a doctor, do he give you any medication or suggestions to improve your situation? Have you research it on the net? Maybe there are some suggestions on how to improve the strength of your bladder. I sincerely hope that things improve for you. I am always here if you need to talk.

I did get midition but it didn't work. The doc said my bladder just went to sleep with my body but that was when I dirt started when I wa 10 so it wa probably words that I could understand then

I agree with ddri1975... but maybe you need another type of diaper, as the one you wore previously wasn't the most comfortable. Both of us know that there are better ones out there. Hope you can keep your bed dry!