I Have A Drawer-full Of Them!

...Although they generally take up a lot of space, I still have a full drawer of them. I've got like a 1/2 dozen pairs of them. I mostly wear a couple pairs I like best though. :) It's sad when it's too hot like it is lately and it's too hot for regular pajamas let alone footed pjs since most are fleece or some warm material. That's probably the only thing I like about winter! :D I only can wear them when noone is over too, so it helps that I live alone now! They're so cuddly and cute, and you always stay warm even when the rest of the room is cold, with or without blankets. :P I just wish I could wear them when friends are over too... :(
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I love my footed PJ's as I can keep the thermostat lower in the winter and keep the heating bill down. They are so cuddly and comfortable, I actually answered the front door wearing them last winter when my dad stopped by. He didn't even bat an eye, he just wanted to know where he could get a pair for mom, since she is always cold. Mom ended up with two pairs for Christmas last year and loves them.<br />
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The other thing that dad never noticed, was that I was wearing a diaper when he came to the door. My parents do not know that I wear diapers to bed every night. I wet the bed most nights, and sometimes I diaper up early and just chill.

I'd never get away with it, but good for you! I guess in some ways the "Snuggie" commercials have helped with some acceptance of blankets-like pajamas that adults can wear. :)

Yeah...I'm kind of self-conscious enough without the noise lol...the thickness was never a problem though - I'm actually underweight, so I have like no butt, lol. Even so, take the crinkle-factor out of there, and the truth is, I'd still be too self-conscious of that alone....I'd love to, I really would, but even if they didn't say anything it would be just too awkward.... :( It's bad enough I lay down in bed and you can hear the sound...Even the couple of friends who know about that, I still try and muffle it because I'm already too embarrassed. I'm know, it's stupid... :(

You should try wearing a footed pj when at home with a good friend... if you wear nappies only wear a 'thin' nappy at first so that it isn't obvious if you're self conscious... one step at a time! Go for it - as exgeek said, you're the perfect age to try. Have fun!! :o)

Oh I wish I had that kind of guts...but I don't. It's one thing the diapers I need, it's another thing the bear that some know about...but I really don't think I can get away with adorable footed PJs, lol...