Footed Pajamas

I have about 10 pairs of footed pajamas.
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i have many in different styles and materials too! some of mine, go as far back, as when i was in my late teens, and were handmade by my mom to fit me for another 30 years! but, on all the ones my mom handmade for me, she always put snaps through the entire inseam. that way she could change my diapers easier, whenever we were out somewhere. do any of you have similar footed pajamas with snaps?<br />
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as for all-plastic pajamas. i've only seen all-in-one style rompers with short legs, made entirely out of plastic. try looking in ebay, under "adult baby". hope this helps.<br />
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God Bless and keep you all safe.<br />
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So do I!! All different types of material.