Lingerie Box Is Full!

Im a tgirl and have bought a lot of lingerie and now if i want more i must get place for i like to sell, some are used and some are new ...pls contact if you are intrested
Susann99 Susann99
36-40, T
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Hi Susann. I would be interested if the sizes were the same as mine.. 38C, XL Panties. Hugs, Danielle

Oh ty sweet but i think my sizes are smaller 36B... and i wear small or very small, say size 34... and thats sad... but thanks a lot for asking
XOXOXO Susanne

I have thought about selling off some of mine too. I see we are both very petite and most crossdressers want XL or larger. Sucks to be them. lol..
I decided I really can't part with anything so I just look for more room.