Ok I Do To

OK I have LOTS of LINGERIE also ! I can't go to any store without looking at the Lingerie/Intimate section. I just have a urge to go buy more, more, and more. Ok don't most of us have at least one different pair for every day of the month, or maybe even the year? Well I do I have more than enough to go 6 months and never repeat the same combo once!! You just can't have enough lingerie! The colors, the styles, the fabrics, are endless!! don't you have fun  pick out lingerie for each other,  and trying them on for each other? Well sure you do, it is the allure of sexy new lingerie. The excitement of unwrapping you as a present!! OOOOH what fun. 

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sounds like fun

I used to by wifes lingerie for her til she started bitching about it, so now I just buy for me. Its more fun that way. You can get the attention of the S/A and get some really good female perspective on things. Wife is always telling me I have more womens clothing than she has. Wife also tells me "it's fun being a girl". I think she is right about that.

She had always known, I have never hid anything.

That was always exciting to buy lingerie for the wife when you where young and she dident no about your fetish,you bought with your self in mined. They coudnt understand why you did it so often I think that was al part of the fun.

That would be me also, I am always seeing something new that I must have, or buy for my wife. Although mostly it seems to be for myself.

For all that you said, thatss why womens clothing is always changing and evolving. The new things keep the ladies and those men that wear womens clothing continually comming back again and again. Most generally you'll always find something new that you'll want to try on and buy and take it home to add to your wardrobe.

Yes I guess it is, but it is not that bad of problem to have .