I Have Lots of Sex

I am a woman with needs. I have lots of sex. My and my boyfriend have done it in some pretty weird places. Staircase, kitchen counter, in the hot tub, in the pool, in an elevator at JcPenny, in the coat closet at a wedding reception and more. I have lots and lots of sex. I am so f-ing horny all the time me and my boyfriend f*** each others brains out. A few times I've even had to call off work because we did it so long I didn't get enough sleep or was too sore. Sometimes I wake up really horny and invite my boyfriend over to do a quickie and sometimes I feel really moody if I don't get any for a couple of days and call off work and call up my boyfriend or go to his place and we spend like half the day making love to each other and the other part of the day trying to cool off because things heat up fast when we're together. I am a bad girl!!!
blondiebabe blondiebabe
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Just dont let your thirst drown you and start drinking from another fountain<br />
but Rock on for what it is worth

Thanks Marcie-/

thanks, you guys are awesome!

Yeah, if all women were like that, America truly would be the beacon of civilization we claim to be... = O

Bad girl, huh? more like perfect girl!