Why So?????

Our love to each other is divine and true so do we say
Then what keeps us apart from each other day to day
When in absence we miss each other like hell
Then why do we utter words that hurts when we meet in real.
Why do we get to see different love portrait
That doesn’t match and its far miles apart
So have I messed up everything is the question that haunts
My own trust, own belief my faith relentlessly taunt
Why do we have to scroll pages to read our minds
When our heart pains staying away every time
So is this true the feelings are only to be penned
While time flows and in silence dark clouds bring rains
Do the words I need ,I want ,will do everything.. all fake
while reality differs and deep inside heart breaks.
Don’t you really feel to talk , don’t you really need me,
Is penning our love on walls only solution meant to be
Does my presence hurts so much that you avoid.
Don’t you feel how much it hurts me, how it creates a void..
Why was I unable to win your trust,why cant you bare your heart.
It hurts me,it hurts me bad staying apart.
I know you wont ever reach me coz that’s YOU
So very close yet so far will only remain the scenario.
All my love for you is not enough to make me belong
That is my only pain but still always you will be my only one.
trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Dec 2, 2012