My Day of Irony

 yesterday was definitely a WTF day !!! my daughters  grandparents who havent seen her since her birthday in february . after making many plans to come see her and canceling at the last moment with the last time being a no call no show ... and when they did call they apoligized over and over again Which was in April and now its the middle of june ... decided to call yesterday .. and tell me they planned on coming to see her soon .. she was right next to me so i couldnt just go on and tell them what i really thought .  Then my "ex"( and i use that term very lightly might i add ) who was seeing someone else while we were together had the nerve to come to me and tell me that he ended it with her  and then  she broke into his house ...  needless to say i love her to death now  i was just like damn you have nerve to come and look to me for sympathy . then last night im in bed and justin calls back and says Kellie there's someone at the door  this is at 11pm . and its two officers wanting to tell justin that his car door was open . Then they go out there and they tell him that they got a call saying he was swerving on the road and he told them  that he didnt know these roads very well .  Then they asked him if he had been drinking .. and he said no and then they said well we cant do anything cause your not out and he said no i havent been drinking .. they did this after i went in the house then they said well why are you so nervous ... Well i f'in wonder you showed up on my doorstep at 11:00 at night ..  i mean come on this is where our tax dollars are going ???  i was like WTF !! i should have called them in for harassment ...
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hope your ok now "" WTF ""

WTF?! OMG, you must have had a real terrible day sweetie :( Damn... I hope not all your days are like that!