Endless Thoughts...

good and bad thoughts.....................
my weight..i need to gain weight or else i ll have to go somewhere i dont want to..i need to gain when same time i want to lose or want to not try..i mean why should i try?no that didn sound right...i mean some other girls dont have  to try but i have to..
then my phobias...today i did a step..
but do i really make progress?when at nights mostly i wish something bad to happen to me?isnt like a joke?and next day comes and again i have to try..
i know we learn from pain too...but i dont want to every day.,.its so many things...
-the world....
-anxiety...everything...................i m working on to change things but again is like a circle..
i trust V. but i also have difficult time talking to her...
Today ill go to mountains..when we come back i ll have to take meds for depression...last night i was thinking  why..will it really change anything?
many thoughts i cant write everything..
i need positive thinking.....right now the only positive is the step i made today..and im glad only for that now..
amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Only way anything can move out of a circle is to move so fast that the string swinging it in this circle breaks.<br />
It will. You don't NEED to rid of these things. You WANT to break away from them. Its all for YOU.<br />
<br />
Just don't give up.

My thoughts are with you Amy. <br />

i know u care but my mind is having many many many thoughts...........now is thinking i dont want to go home but i have only 19 minutes here..

*shrugs*<br />
headache from thoughts....