It Comes From Within

Valentines Day serves as a means of reminding us how we COULD treat those we love ; to remind us that they exist even ~ commercialised as it is , I suppose , for some , it is the vehicle by which they begin , strengthen , or mend relationships ; in that way , it has it's positives.

The need for a "special day" to remember those we love would be redundant if we could remind ourselves on a daily basis of how lucky we are , how much those people we take for granted may love and cherish us without our realization , or acknowledgement ~ how far away we are from their love , the gap so easily closed by the opening of our eyes , and the abandonment of expectations.

True love..?? The kind that accepts you as you are , frees you to accept others and see them , really see them as the fallible and faulted humans they are , we all are ~ and love them for it. Accept you ~ Be your own Valentine , your Love for you can then spread to others , without the need for reciprocity.



36-40, F
Feb 13, 2010