Love Is Forever?


I am a great believer in love abides.

That means to me, if you really love someone it never dies.  They can be gone from your life (or worse died), and you have no way of expressing your love for them anymore... but it is there there.. like a favourite taste or a simmering fire- it just never goes out.


wickedmichael wickedmichael
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Each of them I told them I loved them. Three were girlfriends and one was a friend who is a woman... Asked the three girlfriends to marry me and eventually after 23 years I got lucky. <br />
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Everyone loves in a different fashion. Maybe you can say that one of them might have liked and fancied me, and believed that was love. But I know myself that I loved them- just that it was unrequited.<br />
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Maybe the question you should ask, is that can you love someone and not like them?

have you really expressed your love for them? or have you realized that you love them before they have gone (or died)? how 'bout those who loves each other at first then realized as time passed by that they can no longer be together as love slowly faded... can you say that the love they first felt isn't true?