His Name

He used to come to bed and lie down behind me.  He would enfold me with his whole body, and I can still remember how warm it was against me.  We spent two winters together, the longest I've been with anyone.  I am now nearing the end of my first winter without him, and it has been cold.

Before I met him, I never imagined myself with anybody.  I was single and happy to be so.  But then he came along and I loved him from the beginning, from the fist night we spent together, when he came to bed and stroked the side of my face before venturing on to any other part of my body.  I fell in love with his gentleness and his goodness.  The combination of gentleness and strengh, I think, is intoxicating.

He called me "skrumpy" and he loved to fly kites.  He loved me.  I just couldn't stand to be loved, and it all fell apart.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

I know you posted this a while ago and I hope you are in a happier place. I can relate to what you say about the warmness of laying next to him. I miss him so much now that he was not in the bed with me, it is surprising how one more body can bring so much warmth and so much more to our lives. As typical we notice it more when it is gone than when we have it. :( I will always love him, but I am learning to love in silence.