"loving Lustfully"

When I was 24 yrs of age, my friend introduced me to a man named "Joela".  He was a straight up freak that taught me all types of sex games, and introduced me to woman on woman, and the homemade toys.  I loved all the toys and game playing.  We would meet in a far away motel and play all the nasty little sex games you can image.  I remember one night when we had a few drinks and did a couple of illegal drugs and got busy with the lotioning down of oils, fingernail polishing of all the dirty words across my chest.  My first experience with an acorn was that night.  I couldn't believe that my poonie would open so big.  I ended up that night with making love to x-rated movies on the tv.  I woke the next morning with bruises and a smile.  I lusted a lifetime.  We played sexual games for 17 years until his passing.  I can still remember all the *** and lustful events. 

vanessadelrio vanessadelrio
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010