My Angel

I met her 3 years ago, but then it wasn't love, hell it wasn't even friendship. funny how the lord can change you in a fraction of a second. now i regret because i should have brought her into my life sooner. now she is not with me, but i haven't been let down, she loves me and that's what matters. i regret not because i found her love at the wrong time but because now, we are far away from each other. I cannot see her eyes everyday, the eyes which gave me strength to move on confidently. I cannot listen to her voice which  always encouraged me in all paths of my life. Its funny how i changed, if theres someone out there who thinks true love isn't possible let me tell you that its more than just possibility 'if' you have found the one. The one who will hold you in their arms no matter what comes your way.  The one who will keep awake just to watch you sleep , the one who will love not only your lust but love 'you' for who you truly are. I know i sound so much in love and i truly am because for the first time in my life i have found the person whom i know i will be able to love forever. She is my angel.......  
lyfnluv lyfnluv
18-21, M
Aug 6, 2010