A Beautiful Moment

 It was a bright shiny morning. The sun was completely on duty. The flowers looked alive; I could tell the birds were singing to each other songs of love and compassion. Staying back for the winter coaching was not a bad idea after all. First of all, it was not as wintry as expected and secondly it was the best part of my life because I had finally found a place in her heart.
We attended our regular coaching classes. They were over by the time the sun was highest in the sky, shining brighter. Apart from all these one thing I disliked most was the ‘heat’ during ‘winter.’ Impossible? No, nothing is impossible. Let’s just say we called the season winter because it was the month of December.
I don’t know if it was me or my destiny but something made me feel that today was going to be special. I hung on to that thought. The weekend was near and everyone was in a mood to go shopping but I just wanted to visit one place, the most beautiful place, our very special Bungdil Hill. I had cried out “I love you” from the top of the cliff which created a beautiful rhythmic echo. I can still feel the moment, the wind, the hidden happiness in her eyes though she tried to scold me. The moment was jus too sweet.
We sat on a heap of grass scattered over the ground. They had grown wildly on top of the cliff but they were not a bad seat for the two most romantic love birds…..
She sat ahead of me, with the back of her head on my chest while I put my arms around her and sat down in total comfort and safety. She was always delighted to make me her armchair; she even nicknamed me her ‘sofa.’ As for me I never refused.
We spoke of love and passion, of reality and practical life. We spoke of our relationship and where it was headed. In all these moments we shared, one little thing was always certain, our souls would remain with each other no matter how far we would be.
It was time for the sun to depart, his duty for today was over and he was bidding farewell. While he left, he created a beautiful red sky above us. We gazed at his departure.
She sat sideways to me now underneath the red quoted sky. Her innocent eyes, rosy cheeks, light brown silky hair which hung from the right side of her neck made me lean close to her. I put a soft kiss on her cheek….she turned to stare at me but didn’t utter a word. I slowly leaned closer to find her lips meeting mine, the moment froze. I felt only her presence, her scent, her soft breathing and……..her love. After few passionate seconds, I finally pulled out and opened my eyes. She was gazing at the red sky now. After few more seconds she broke the silence with a question. She asked me very softly, “Will I ever regret this?” “I won’t let you regret this moment………not even for a second.” I softly answered. No sooner did I finish she hugged me tight, I could hear her heartbeat, I could feel her tears on my cheek. I didn’t know of those were tears of happiness but I knew that they were out of love.
The red quotation was slowly hithering away; the beautiful moment had come to an end. We had to leave; I started down the hill, carrying her in my arms…..    
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

i hope she still loves you and you love her, sweet story<3

thank you. yes, we are still in love <3 hehe