To be honest I have always been a good girl. Good grades, a good person, always trying to do what I thought was right. But then I met him. Not exactly in the way most people meet the ones they want to spend their lives with. It was my
Sophomore year in high school and I was heading towards my 16th birthday. Graduation parties were the entire summer, and I went to my friends party. It was huge! I got very drunk and I met this guy who was my guy friends much older brother, at least 6+ my age. He was mysterious, intriguing, and wonderful all at the same time. I woke up laying next to him and at the time I was still dating my boyfriend from 9th grade. I dropped my boyfriend and this guy from the party messaged me on Facebook. He asked me to hang out with him about 4 times before I finally said yes. Knowing my parents would say no way in hell, I snuck out to see him. He picked me up and literally, we talked about every possible thing. It was amazing, I had never felt that comfortable with a guy before. He dropped me home and from then on sneaking out to see him became a regular thing. It broke my heart that our ages were so far apart. I knew our time together was so limited because he was leaving back to college after the summer ended. It was crazy going out in public together because a lot of the times we would joke to people that we were siblings. He wanted to meet my mom badly, and she knew about him. My parents snapped one night and tried to completely take him out of my life because at this point, our relationship was completely forbidden. One night we snuck out together and went on a night hike, just listening to music, looking over the world, and talking about our lives. We kissed, and he pulled me in close to him. And we went a little farther. Just looking over the city laughing together. He took me home and stopped in his tracks, hugged me and quietly confessed,
"I know I don't say this often... I really like you." And I kissed him and we continued to sneak around. The more time we spent together the more I feel for him, we could talk for hours on end because we never ran out of things to say. He became my best friend. Our ages looked so wrong in everyone else's eyes however. A couple weeks later I told my mom I was spending the night at my friends, and we went out camping. We laid a tarp out under the stars beside a river and a giant sleeping bag. Then we had the best sex I have ever had to this day, it was incredible. While he f****d me I just look into the stars and savored the moment. The next morning I was sore but happy. I felt at ease. At least until I got home. I could tell I meant the world to this man. A guy who had found something in me that I never saw in myself. More time passed and I remember it got harder to spend time with him, at one point I had snuck him in through my window. He was packing to move back away to college, and I was getting ready to move back into high school. He was out living in the city miles away, and he called me crying. I was also crying because it was basically goodbye. He told me "I love you so much." And it hurt to hear those words because I couldn't let go, we agreed to remain friends until the time was appropriate for us to be united again. The last day I spent with him we just laid out in the grass and jokingly played some basketball together when he came back in town to visit his family. However, that night after the last hug I gave him, he took his younger brother out for a movie. While he was driving back out to the city later that night he got into a car crash (I was told he was texting) and he lost his life. My forbidden love is gone forever. And he will forever remain a part of me.
rachel13124 rachel13124
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2014