A Lifelong Fetish

There, I said it. Have been fascinated w/ tickling since I was VERY young. In cartoons and seeing it in movies and tv would NEVER fail to give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Do some squirming also! Subscribed to You Tube and EP and it peaked my interest all over again. Haven't been tickled much recently, in real life. Have done more than my share of tickling. Mostly in the past. EP helped unite us 'lees and 'lers!!! HOORAY!!!
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5 Responses May 8, 2012

Would LOVE to have a few moments alone with the soles if your feet! 😍

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Don Turtelli's wicked feather tickling of tied bare soles did it to me!

Flintstones and the jingly tickling sound effect....hehehehehehehe

The Flintstones were all barefoot so it was a natural! It's even more torturous for me to watch if the shoes and socks are removed to tickle the bare soles. Whatever gets us started one thing's for sure...the desire doesn't seem to diminish with time! I love hearing about the origins of others' tickle fetishes!

Sounds like your own discovery of this special passion was very much like my own :) It is wonderful to have such a great forum here on EP where we can truly share and indulge!

such a great forum. Have been a member for a year myself!

I am a LEE and love to be tied down and tortured without mercy. Clothes on? Cut em off! Get out the cuffs and take me to new places!

Thanks for reading! EP helped unite us, my ticklish pal! Ya devil!

I've read it again and again and it is so true!

Keep reading the crazy stories and...coming up with your own stories! i still love them!!!!!!!!

Power to the lee/lers! Be proud of your special fetish my friend :)

thanks for reading it. EP united us!!!!!!! HOORAY and thanks to 1st chat buddy,Instremental in starting tickling groups!!!!!!