ive jst finished what i now realise is a continuing circle of emotions. A cycle beginning with despair, suspision, anger, accussing, meltdown, discussion, relief and acceptance. All because of my low self esteem and body issues. Ive tried to chart it, figure out why im doing this to myself and my very tolerant partner and im stuck. Stuck in this cycle since i was 16....
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Who decides what is ugly or what is beautiful life is too short to worry that your looks may not please everyone there are some who may find you unattractive thats their problem not yours i would make a bet for every person who thinks your ugly there will be 10 that think your not find an old joe tex record called hold what you got its the truest thing i ever heard & im nearly twice your age

I have had problems with body image, too! In finding someone who really cares I wrote this, my body hasn't changed, I have. Admittedly it's not always how the world sees you, but in some sense sometimes it is...<br />
<br />
Let me see with not my eyes but yours<br />
the curves your fingers trace<br />
the places you grasp<br />
pulling me into your space<br />
leaving nothing between us<br />
let me know the reactions they bring<br />
the need they fulfill<br />
allowing no negative<br />
to mar what I see<br />
pushing me to only see<br />
the beauty you behold