Learning To Love Myself

Im 18 years old and have struggled with self esteem for probably at least five years. I was bullied throughout all of grade school and even though i thought i had gotten to a point where i had hardened myself against it, it still had an effect on me. Add in me being overweight. Im not obese but i have a fair bit of pudge. I also have stretch marks. So i dont exactly fit society's idea of beauty. I had a hard time taking complements and couldnt ever see what any guy would see in me. I never really thought i was ugly just not pretty. Im trying to learn to accept every part of myself. From my excess belly to my semi chubby cheeks but some days i dont think id be able to handle looking into a mirror. Thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands my problems and helps me remember all of the good things about me. I am beautiful i just need to teach myself to see it.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Stay strong I myself have very bad insecurities but you cant let them get the best of you!! <3