I use to know what confidence was until I lost over 30lbs now I hate the way I look and only wish to get smaller. Nothing is good enough and I've developed BDD out of it. If you can relate please message me.
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I hope ur overcoming this, my niece has just come to me admitting she's been struggling w/an eating disorder for 6 yrs, she's only 19, I cried, I don't know how to help her

I'm sorry I hope she gets threw this too. Has she seen a therapist yet? I know what its like to punish yourself by starving and feeling guilty for eating anything unhealthy. I've had many sleepless nights because of this and an extremely bad relationship with food. I see it as the enemy and just recently learned its not. I was eating 700cal a day and working out 1-3 hrs twice a day. 6 days a week trying to change what I saw in the mirror. Now I've doubled my calories still workout the same but I'm actually seeing changes because I'm not starving myself anymore

She was scheduled w/a counselor last we spoke, she txtd me after saying she felt great in taking that 1st step, I'm so proud of her I jst hate that I can't "take away" that pain

She needs to fine what caused the pain to make it go away. I know what caused my eating disorder and BDD but Idk how to make it go away yet.


Body Dysmorphic disorder

Ohhhh I get it now, From what I can see, absolutely nothing wrong? I'm super glad that you are strong enough to deal an recover as you are , it's inspiring

Thank you

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