If you can relate please message me.
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I can really relate to this I struggle with it a lot -.-

I would just ask you one thing ,,, !! How would you feel if you wouldnt have any leg or hand?! Or maybe being Blind ?! You are Totally normal and healthy and you are asking for more? You gotta appreciate things that you have and you have to Thank GOD that gave you everything. Keep smiling and feel Good :D

I suffer from BDD so I'd kill myself if I ever had to deal with that. I use to be happy but after my abusive relationship everything changed about how I view myself. I only see the negative because I was punished for it everyday. I need to work with my therapist on this.

Important thing is that you know you can get through this, you gotta be strong challanges in life comes to make us stronger so deep inside your heart you know that You Can feel good about yourself ...You Are Healthy ,You Dont Have CANCER ,You Dont Have any genetic problem ,etc.

Be Happy Be Strong Be thankful to all the great things you have.

I'm getting there I took a huge step to recovery today ,)