Hi my name is Paula, im not really going to go into detail about my life, all i can say is i struggle with the way my face looks. Most of the time people reject me on how my face looks. When i look at myself in the mirror i like what i see but then, i take a picture. The other day i learned that we are uglier than what we think we are and that just depressed me. I got to see myself the way other people see me. That hurt me in such a horrible way. Im gonna be honest here i know i have a nice body people actually complement me on it but not many like my face. This is due to the the fact that my right eye is waaaay smaller than my left eye. You may think: hey! I also have one eye smaller than the other! Yeah well thats not my case, there is a huge difference. So yeah thats basically why people dont like my face. As you fan see my profile picture is not that bad: 1. Im similing, 2. Im purposely smiling in a way that wont make my eyes look weird.. Oh and also i have lipstick (nothing else just lipstick). Oh and. I keep forgetting, my eyes are not brown they're green. The picture just makes em look brown. (No i have no filter, im talking quality here). I actually had a harsh experience in 7th grade when this boy told me: No offense but umm your body is really nice and your face is really ugly. I died inside when he told me that. Basically that has gone around my head for years now and i hust dont want to feel alone. My parents love me dont get me wrong its just they think its all in my head. If someone can relate to this experience it would be great if you le ft a comment...
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I don't want to go against what you want to hear or what you think, but I don't think your ugly, I'm being honest

I grew up with one ear being noticeably waay, waay smaller than the other (it still is after 70 years!). When I was your age, I was very self-conscious about it and got easily hurt when anyone made unpleasant remarks. My mother used to remind me of the expression "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me." Over time, I learned to ignore such hurtful remarks and, instead of thinking that one ear is waay smaller, it was helpful to think about it as one ear is waay larger than the other, and that my big ear enabled me to hear better than other people. Sometimes too I would laugh it off and respond to the offending person with the remark, "The better to hear you with." This usually disarmed them. interestingly, this different way of looking at my different sized ears helped me to think more positively about the way I look. You need to really, really try to do the same and eventually you'll be able to totally disregard those comments. Also, good on you to realize your body is nice (the rude 7th grade boy even said so!). You need to feel good about that lovely aspect of yourself. It's far more than many people can say about themselves or have others say - especially in our terribly obese country. It also really helps to understand with scientific certainty that every human being has unequal physical features. One side of the body is always a different size or shape than the other. A good example is feet or the size of one arm vs. the other, and if you look close, many people's eyes and ears too! It's just that some people are fortunate that some such unequal features are hidden by clothing or the way a person wears their hair or applies make- up. I hope you can become more comfortable with this aspect of your body. Finally, please know that REAL FRIENDS don't care about such trivial things. I wish you well!

I hate when people tear another down for the way they look.

What they think is harmless is actually quite devastating.

Umm i changed my profile pic in this one i do have makeup