Self-esteem And Sex

To be honest, i have never admitted to anyone that my low self esteem and confidence have anything to do with my sex life, but oh yes, they go hand in hand. I have struggled with low self esteem since i was in middle school. I remember always thinking i was never good enough. I have also always been extremely shy and not confident. When we do not care about ourselves and our bodies, we can do serious damage. I used to have casual sex because it was fun and there were "no strings attached" i now know that there was more to it deep down. I liked sex because it made me feel better. It made me feel wanted. I did not care if it was with a friend of mine or if it was someone i even found attractive. Meeting someone new and having sex with them that day became the norm. I could only find confidence in the bedroom. I thought that multiple sex partners would actually make me feel better, but in reality it just lowers self-esteem even more. Eventually i lost the ability to connect with any man emotionally at all. So girls, always remember, you are beautiful. Please be careful.
Alissabella Alissabella
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012