Low Self Esteem/social Anxiey At Work !!

I have been working in a very good company for lat two years. It is getting very hard to work as day go by i m stuck in this negative cycle of feeling that I m not good , and I m not as good as any one there. Every conversation i overhear, every event that happens in the team without me, I find it as a proof of how bad I am. So when my team mates are getting into/progressing doing  better things , i m sitting here hugely worried about not being good as them and not prgressing at all at work  leaving things behind and all. Above all, I experience high levels of anxiety at work.  I feel poeple are treating me differently and I m v ery socially isolated at work.

Now, i think entire world is filld with all people with  'good' qualities that i dont have. Whenver i see some positive trait in someone i feel anxious and depressed cos i dont have it and i never will get it and hence that makes me a failure!!! I m incredibily mad at my parents cos it all because of how thy brought me up and i m suffering cos of that!!

I find low self esteem as the underlying problem, but wondering is that the real reason for all this misery and suffereing ? I know all misery is created by things I think of , but how do I  break it off ? is it possible to get over low self esteem ?Can i be assertive or is it in my character to be pushed over ?
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I'm sure you have good traits, I would talk to some of the team and say that you feel left out and want to do your part and if there is something you can do to help. Maybe you have those good traits that they don't have.

You sound like this has been a problem for you for a while now, no? I don't think there is easy way out of low self-esteem, but... I know this is a bit silly advice, but when you feel like someone has good traits you don't have, tell it to them. Many people have an urge (or at least I know I have) to hate those who they feel are somehow better, but that creates negative cicle. If you respect these people and communicate your need to be 'better' as well, like them, they will usually help you to achieve it. Also, it helps you keeping an important point of view in mind: you are not bad, they are just better. <br />
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I think that to become something, one has to know what he likes to become. Have a goal, in other words. The first step out of the pit is to picture what would you like to be, and then work hard for that goal. <br />
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Good luck! Hopefully you found something good from that rant. :)