well i have a different type of low self esteem, i have been told that i am attractive or whatever but i dont really believe it, i feel that people just say that because its the nice thing to say..and my face isnt that nice looking
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You might not think that you have a nice looking face, but all those people wouldnt be telling you all the same thing if there wasnt something about that face that stands out and just so happens they all seem to notice it, they tell you because its obviously true and you really havent gave yourself some time to look in the mirror and look at all your angles, but if you still that way its not always what we think about ourselves that matter, its the ones looking back at us that see our beauty, my 17yr old daughter came home from school on the first day back and said thanks mom, i said for what, she all my friends still think you are a milf and talked about you in all my classes, im 35 and im married to a 26 year old, i get compliments and i dont belive them either,im not good at recieving compliments but i love to give them, im not all that im a cougar and i work in the construction industry, my husband says im the sexiest in my work clothes and dirty,i think he has issues and needs help lol but if u would like to talk about this issue, plz respond

Beauty or in handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder . Real beauty comes from within let it shine out.