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I have no self esteem. I am the way i am from people in school and my family, from the hurtful stuff they did and say. So now i have trouble believing what anyone say bout me if they Say I'm pretty or they like me or w.e . Sometimes it hard to talk to people/friends if they are trying to give me compliments. I just turn it around to a negative. I cant help it sometimes i don't realize I'm doing it. Sometimes it hurts my relationship cause he will say i love you and I'm thinking that cant be possible cause i don't love me. its hard.
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Hi, why so down on all that? If alot was said in high school why worry about that, everybody that is not happy with there own apperances has to vent and make someone else feel bad, that way they can feel good about them selves, or its also got to do with others being jealous of something in apperance that they only wish they had, Believe your friends compliments, if they are true friends there not gonna lie, i have an issue like that as well, my husband forever gives compliments and i tell him dont bothercuz he only dose it to score,hahaha some days we all feel frumpy, but find that sexy person inside and be comfortable, you can do it, let him teach you to love yourself, good luck

All people are limbs of Satan until proven otherwise... or in the words of Dr Cox, "they're all bastard coated bastards with bastard filling" and who am I to argue. Before I go on I must say that I'm aware that you haven't asked to be 'fixed' and that even if you did it might not be simple and I might not be the guy for the job. However, arragantly asuming that you do and I am, let's begin with focussing on the issue. Setting aside what other people say, do or think (because we've established that they're bastards) what do you see when you look in the mirror?

yeah deff families