My Self Esteem Is In The Toilet

I've always felt that I was inferior to others and not superior. I just feel that the self esteem has been sucked out of me. I've never felt attractive or pretty. Always felt every female that is my age has it all together and is prettier than me . I had to leave college because my self esteem is that low and felt that I was lower than dirt.  I've tried to explain this to my mother and my family but everyone does not believe how I really feel. I get so angry. I tried therapy but the therapist did not believe me. It is that noone understands me. I do not know how to make myself feel beautiful inside.
scorpiobabe82 scorpiobabe82
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First of all let me tell you that you are not alone. There are millions of boys and girls who feel exactly the same as you. When you feel alone its hard to imagine that anyone else is feeling the way that you do. I can promise you that all those girls that you think are amazing have insecurities and are worried about their looks. They are concerned about being judged by other people. Just because you cant see their insecurities doesnt mean that they are not there. Im sorry that your therapist was not helpful but perhaps they were not the right person for you but dont let that put you off looking for another one. I can bet that when you think about yourself you only ever focus on things you dont like and negative things that other people have said. It would be really useful to get a notebook and list all of the great things about yourself and before you disagree there are great things about you. You have to be good at something, enjoy something, perhaps your a good friend to someone, like to help people. Write poetry or are creative. Find things that you are good at and like about yourself and remind yourself every day. You are an amazing person because you are unique and you are YOU. I have lots of inspiring quotes on facebook. you can find me buildyourconfidence .

you just have to love your self first and acept your self,if you can't then who else can ? forgive your self about any mistakes any flaws, you are gorgeous the way you have been, the sun rise every day and life still going on, keep your face up. i suggest you go to church, there're compasssion and warmth there or if you don't mind visit buddhist temples in your country and try meditation. i do wish you all the best.

Hi, I know where you're coming from.<br />
Please read my story: "I Have Become Two People"<br />
It may give you a whole new perspective on things.

Comparing yourself to other people is not the way to go darlin', you got to get up every morning, tell yourself you are strong, stronger than you think. i'm sure you have some wonderful qualities in you that no one else has...tap into those qualities.<br />
It doesn't matter what other people think of you as long as you stay true to yourself.<br />
Stay strong. You do matter.

Life is tough... I feel like I put on a fake face for everyone to see, but on the inside I just want to die. I never feel like I will be the best. I always feel like this person or that person can out do me and show me up. I just try to enjoy the things as they are. I know sometimes its hard to enjoy anything, but if you can just find one good thing to think about sometimes that helps to get the ball rolling. I hope you find happiness within yourself and when you look in the mirror. Without being happy on the inside, its impossible to find happiness anywhere else. keep pushing forward, things will get better!

Hi nice to meet every1 here i came across this site and it seems 2b what im looking for

Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I feel like that all the time and its so painful and degrading for me. We should talk sometime. :)

Try to believe in yourself. I know how hard that may sound I know for I too suffer from a low self esteem. There a beautiful person inside of you just give it a chance to come out.

Hi scorpiobabe82<br />
Radical solution has to be to like yourself. Nobody else can give you permission for that. Maybe treat yourself like you would someone else. People are often kinder to others than themselves. Give yourself a break. Maybe think of things you like in other people and do more of them yourself until you think hey I like me!<br />
Good luck - hope it helps a bit.<br />

Hey you need to get it together girl, we are all beautifull on the inside and you just need to find something that you love about yourself, and find something to wear that you are most comfortable wearing and go out with your head held hi, you will be surprised of all the men out there that think jeans and a nice t-shirt are attractive, my husband thinks i look the best in my work clothes, im a construction worker and me being all dirty is the sexiest thing to him, be comfortable but also have some confidence, smile,you might just be surprised, good luck, let me know what happens

Same here.. Did you do anything that could help you? This issue is really ruining my life right now, its sad..

Hey Babe I read the above story and I have been there, I learned some things through time that may help. Please if you are inclined add my to your circle and we can chat at least we will each have a new friend! In anycase hope your day is good! <br />